Head Knowledge

Knowledge is of no value, unless you put it into action.

In this day and age of instant access to information, we are often crammed ‘full of it’. (No pun intended….well….maybe a little, lol) We have become walking encyclopedias of endless information, trivia, how-to, and such. But what are we DOING with it?

In Proverbs it says “A wise man will hear and increase in learning and a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel.” So, as we can tell, acquiring knowledge is important. But then we take a look in 2 Timothy and see Paul addressing the people saying they are always learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Here we see that simply acquiring knowledge is not enough. Actually, if you read the context of 2Timothy 3, the people referred to here are the worst of the worst…eek!

Acquiring knowledge is of no value unless you actually understand and apply the Truth behind the knowledge. What is the Truth? Well, it can be many things, but across the board you can easily see that ALL knowledge is supposed to be gained in order to make the world a better place for others. A person can defy all odds in their life, put themselves through college, go to med school, graduate at the top of their class and know everything there is to know bout how to save a life, cure cancer, prevent various diseases, etc. but if they never get the information from their head and apply it to making a difference in the world, then it is of no use. It simply puffs up the ego. That’s it.

Knowledge is a gift. Whether it is gained supernaturally or through the ability to learn information, it is imperative that you steward the gift properly. These makes me think of the parable of talents. The servant that was called WICKED didn’t do harm to someone or something, they simply held on to the talent and buried it. How much information, how much knowledge are you acquiring and simply holding on to, burying it in the files of your mind?

You have been gifted with this information, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS. You may think you have nothing to offer, but that isn’t true! You have gifts, talents, knowledge that other people need! The very thing you take for granted and can do in your sleep, someone else struggles with. Is it cooking, secrets passed down from your grandma, how to be a great friend, wife, mom, potty training, dog training, closing sales, writing, communications, arts, teaching techniques, etc. You are called to be accountable to the stewardship of it. Give it away! Invest it in the good soil of a person’s heart that needs it!  Go make the world a better place.

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