Are You Plugged In?

I am incredibly intrigued right now. And for some of you, this article might be a bit much for you to chew on. Others will freak out and think I am off my rocker, but for the few of you out there that have a sense there is so much more than what you see – you are right, read on.

I have passionately pursued understanding identity, for myself as well as my clients. I don’t believe we can, or even should, teach something that we haven’t walked out in our own life with any kind of authority. So I pursue so much more than just head and book knowledge, I pursue an understanding that only comes from living revelation. I don’t believe I will ever finish the race of fully understanding identity, but I hope that my baton will be picked up by the next runner, and so on, until the final race is over.

We are very complex beings, each of us created uniquely individual, yet in the image of God – how can we ever fully grasp that? I am convinced that we first must be keenly aware of the fact that we ARE a spirit being – a higher being. We are not merely the fleshly exterior that is slowly decaying. We are certainly not just a soul consciousness and emotions. We are so much more, but I have yet to personally meet someone who fully lives from the perspective of being a spirit; a higher being, a being that is connected infinitely to every realm and dimension. For more on this check out my prior blog.

Why are so few fully connected? I believe it is because we have not pursued a full understanding of what that truly means. Most people live from the realm they most identify with and are not challenged to fully explore the other two realms. (body/soul/spirit)

I have met plenty of people who live from the awareness of the natural realm. These people need to see, touch, smell, taste, & hear the world around them. They are often very much into activity, whether it be hiking and exploring nature or working out at the gym. They are very mindful of health and nutrition; they tend to take better care of their flesh address than the others. They also care for nature, the environment, and their ‘stuff’. There is nothing wrong with this – it just isn’t the full picture, and certainly not the fullness of who they were created to be.

And then you have the people who live mostly from the soul realm. Often times these people will be either highly sensitive, or highly logical. They will be lovers of art and creativity, or lovers of science. They will tend towards being highly religious or their own self-help gurus. Their awareness of self is all about the soul consciousness, emotional experiences, and/or reasoning. They can be traditionalists, following in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents. Or they are explorers and ‘feeling/experiencing’ their own way through life.

Of course most people don’t just live 100% from one realm or the other, so there is a blend, but everyone has a proclivity towards one.

For those that identify themselves with a faith community, this article is the most challenging, and they are the ones to most likely reject this because it goes against what they have been taught. They ‘know’ they are spirit beings, being born again, but it is mostly head knowledge – which falls into the soul awareness realm. And since many in the faith community have been incorrectly taught that the flesh is bad, identifying predominately as a flesh/natural being is practically like demonizing them.

But my one question, in helping each person identify where they tend to live from is this, “What challenges your faith?” Is it when you or a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness? Is it when science proves something that you once believed to be true? Is it when your personal experience of something doesn’t line up with what you were taught? We ALL have our area that challenges faith, it doesn’t make you bad, it makes you real. It will also help you identify what realm you live from, and therefore help you identify how and where you need to have more balance in order to live from a place of wholeness.

But, to live from the spirit……. what does THAT look like? Oh, I wish I had all of those answers!

I don’t have all of those answers, but I have a few, and will have more as we go on, but for now let me share with you what I know.

To live from the spirit means to be intricately connected to the spiritual realm around you. from the inside out, not the outside in. I see two sides to this coin, and both have gotten this grossly wrong. The real answer is to live from the wholeness of the coin itself. The two sides are the churched people, and the occult/new age type people. Yes, both are operating from the SAME coin, but only opposite versions/sides of it.

Many of the churched people incorrectly identify their spirit, the very core of their identity, with the Holy Spirit. No, that is God’s identity- not yours. YOUR spirit is created to be fully engaged with the Holy Spirit, but is not in and of itself the Holy Spirit. God has not sliced and diced up His very identity and placed a piece of it inside of all mankind from the beginning of time. No, He created you with your very own and unique spirit, and your job is to learn how to keep that spirit connected to it’s life source, which is all around us. it is like you have the vehicle, but the Holy Spirit is the engine for the vehicle. Without having access to the engine you are like the Flintstones; having to power it with your own footwork. I know, I know….I can hear all of the bible thumpers pointing out all of the various scriptures about the Holy Spirit indwelling. But I will point out that your translation of this understanding has been extremely limited, particularly in the western church. If you will go back and read those same scriptures, you will see a couple of things; one is there is a big difference between the scriptures when they talk about YOUR spirit, and the Holy Spirit, or God’s spirit. One refers to you, the other refers to the spirit that ENABLES you to do and be something, like I said – your engine. To understand this difference we can go back into the Old Testament and recognize the very few that God placed His spirit upon in order to accomplish something. God’s people, as a whole, did not have access to this empowerment. They had spirits, but there was no life given to it, so they were having to accomplish what they could in their own power, on their own feet, and by external means. They had laws, sacrifices, and the sweat of their brow to guide and control them. And I might add, they didn’t do that great of a job on their own. But I am not going to get into a theological review of the jew’s history. Then we take a look at the transition into the New Testament. Man had screwed things up pretty bad by the time Jesus came on the scene. Sin and lawlessness was WAY more rampant than our world today. For those that think they have it bad now, just try to ponder what it was like back then…..things have MOST DEFINITELY gotten better. But in order for them to clean their mess up they probably didn’t have nearly enough livestock to sacrifice – so here comes Jesus, the final sacrifice. But that in and of itself is STILL not what empowers your spirit, it simply gave you access to it. Jesus on the cross was a one time event that covered all of humanity for all time – done deal. It is what happened after the one-time event that I am most interested in. It was THEN, what empowered even Jesus, the Holy Spirit, was sent from Him to humanity. Jesus did all of the miraculous things because He was empowered to do so. Did that mean that Jesus was spiritless before His baptism and the Spirit descending upon Him? NO! And neither are you spiritless before you get connected to your life-source. You are just not empowered and having to do everything in your own power – much like the jews in the Old Testament. You’re not evil, you are just not fully empowered. But in order to plug into the engine, you really have to understand the vehicle to begin with. The engine is perfectly tuned and turbo-charged…. but many of you are running around on a bicycle and not realizing you are a ferrari. You are trying to strap this engine onto the back of your bicycle and wondering why its not working.

Then we have the occult, they are doing the same thing. They are spirit beings, but they are plugging into a different spiritual life-source. There are a couple of SUPER sad things about this to me. First of all, the occult oftentimes operates in the spiritual realm to a much higher level than most modern day christians. They are not fearful of the spiritual realm, they hunger for it and are free to fully explore it. The church has tried to keep spiritual exploration in their box and have hindered the generations from fully knowing the extent of their identity and very life source they carry. The other sad thing to me is watching the occult operate at such high levels in the spirit, yet they are connected to an inferior life-source. I can hardly imagine what it would be like if the Church not only hungered for this spiritual exploration, but were actually encouraged to do so. To be SO plugged in to their life-source that the things that Jesus Christ himself did looked like kindergarten play…. because it was. In His own words, “You will do MUCH greater things”. Raising the dead? Kindergarten. Authority over demons? Kindergarten. Healing the sick and disabled? Kindergarten. What about our shadow, our presence, being so tangible that people get saved, healed, & delivered just from our walking into the room? That my friends, is fully plugged in. What about literally moving mountains and altering our physical environment?The occult does. God spoke our physical environment into being.  Being made in his image, we should be able to as well. Whether or not you believe in environmental issues and climate control, WE should be able to fix those issues as higher-beings fully empowered by the Spirit of God, by the sound of our voice. We were given dominion over the natural realm and everything in it from the beginning of time. I believe environmental issues should be kindergarten play as well. What if we spoke to the ice-caps? What if we spoke to the rivers, oceans, plants and air?

Ok, I think you get the picture. I could go on and on, but I will spare you my passions for now. I only encourage you to explore these thoughts, meditate on them and wake your spirit up to the hunger it was designed to have. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this! We can only hope to someday discover the fullness of our spiritual identity if we all bring our pieces of the puzzle together. Please share this so others can bring their piece to the table, and share your input below!


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