Another Defining Moment

We all have defining moments in life. The funny thing is we rarely realize, in the moment, that they will begin to define us. Let alone HOW they will define the following years.

Approximately two years ago I had a couple of things happen that I would say were by far the MOST painful things I have ever experienced. I have been able to move past them to a degree, in the sense that I have forgiven the people involved and can actually operate in love towards them. I can’t say that I operate in trust, but I have no ill-will towards them. However, I can’t say that I have moved past the pain. I still identify those times as my most painful.

But today something shifted.

We are developing a new curriculum and so I am going through some personal exercises before we include them, and this exercise has to do with values. The lesson sounds simple enough…… but this rocked me. Identifying my core values was not a huge challenge, I have been pretty ‘in-touch’ with that part of myself for quite a while, but asking myself when was the last time that I fully embodied those 2 core values the most is what rocked me.

I realized that in the heat of both battles, my core values is what absolutely saved my life, saved my marriage, saved my family, and saved my faith. More often than not, when we are in the midst of life-threatening battles, we turn towards self-comfort, vices, control, manipulations, etc. I hadn’t even realized that I turned TOWARDS my values, and they saved my life.

Suddenly a shift began to happen. These two experiences, these two battles, were no longer viewed from the standpoint of being the most painful in my life but two of my most victorious moments. I didn’t just get my butt kicked in the arena, I stood back up and finished the battle with my honor, integrity, and values in tact.

I wasn’t the loser that day, I was the victor!


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