Discovering Your Design!!


Each of us are created with certain strengths, weaknesses, characteristic tendencies, and personalities developed from biology as well as environmental influence. This is your design, your blueprint, and inside of this blueprint is everything you need to be successful. However, this design can be covered, mutated, and twisted so that it is no longer recognizable and subsequently forgotten. This often leads to a lack of fulfillment and/or true success.

As a coach I have studied numerous ‘tests’ that help to codify a path of success for people, but none of them are truly singularly conclusive, yet all beneficial as a piece of the greater puzzle. I have found that understanding your design takes some deep diving into the greatest life quest questions man faces, and then addressing each question from the 3 part person perspectives. Who am I? Why am I here?  What is my purpose? Where am I going? How do I get there? And why do I feel like I am running in circles on this journey?

The last question is always my favorite, but it is rarely the first question that comes to the surface, because it is the one that requires the most vulnerability and the most courage to ask.

WHY is it my favorite? Because when people get to that question they are typically ready to face their own demons that have stood in the way of their design, and we can finally make real progress towards fulfillment and success. This is when it gets real, when it gets raw, when excavating of your true self can begin.

Wounds, lies, cultural pressures, religious expectations, and being crammed into boxes you don’t belong in are the typical layers of dirt we have to get through to find the buried treasure of design. For some it seems too daunting of a task so they settle for mediocrity and operating with one leg pegged to the floor and an arm tied behind their back. But for those that are up to the challenge, there is no greater reward than to finally operate in their perfect design.



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