Don’t Lay Down Your Mantle!

I had a dream a week ago.
I’m at a women’s conference. I’m familiar with the location and help some elderly women find their room. The beds haven’t been made, like they were unexpected guests. I decided to make up the rooms for the ladies since I knew it would be difficult for them due to their age.

Then I am in line at the cafeteria of the conference. I am carrying my coat and had to lay it down in order to free up my hands to get my tray. No sooner did I lay it down than about 20+ other ladies laid their coats on top of mine and moved on ahead to get their food. I pick up all of the jackets and are carrying them all and trying to navigate getting my food. My arm is getting extremely tired and all I want to do is get inside so I can lay each coat on the ladies chairs.

I asked Papa about the dream and what it meant:

He began talking to me about how I had laid my coat down, for just a minute, to free up my hands so I could get my tray for my food.

And then the other women laid theirs down on top of mine and walked away.

What Papa showed me: This part of the dream is an admonition to female leaders in the body; what they do will be watched & duplicated by those they lead. I laid mine down, my intention was just for a second, but they see the action, not the intention.

So I asked Him about the leaders laying down their mantle for a moment, it wasn’t the intention to lay it down and walk away, it was just necessary to free up their hands for a minute. I asked Him why/how that was wrong.

He said they are CARRYING their mantle instead of WEARING their mantle! If .i had been wearing my coat, my hands would have been freed. AND those watching me would have most likely done the same thing.

He then showed me a woman with a full length mink coat draped over her arm. It kept one hand tied up, she was somewhat handicapped only being able to use one arm, and the coat was heavy. He said a mink coat doesn’t look like much laid across an arm, but it is beautiful when worn, and her hands are free to do her work.

Suddenly I knew this was about identity; being instead of doing. Women are carrying their mantles because they have believed various lies about being able to wear a mantle of such authority, and this has handicapped them, so they lay it down and walk away from it.

What does wearing a mantle look like? It looks like a quiet confidence in who you are and whose you are. It looks like there is no need to strive, because your gift will make a way for you.

Another point was that I wasn’t going to hand the women their coats, I wanted to place them on their chairs. Chairs represent position and authority. Why wouldn’t I just give them their coat? Because they need to engage in the act of picking it up and putting it on. When Elijah threw his mantle before Elisha, Elisha had to pick up the mantle, Elijah didn’t put it on him.

So, what are your thoughts?.

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