He is waiting on us…..

Current events have me diving in deeper, with deeper questions. I’m not satisfied right now with superficial discussions about what I’m making for dinner, watching cat videos, or even just going about life as we know it. No, right now I am a bulldog with a bone, and I’m wanting to get to the very marrow of this.

I’m asking Papa God, crying out, “What is going on?” And I am hearing the voice of a Father that is not worried, but filled with assuredness, filled with love, with safety. I hear Him saying, “baby girl, crawl up in my lap and let’s talk about this” ….

What He is showing me brings me so much revelation, and hope.

First off, He is not surprised, worried, or concerned. Not because He is God, or because knows the end of the story, but because He has seen this thousands of times. And thousands of times there has been redemption.

As a parent, I was narotic with my firstborn. I kept him meticulously clean, fed him only clean, organic food, if I could have built a bubble around him I would have. But by the time I raised my third son I was like, “the 10 second rule,  it’s just a little dirt, blow it off, it’s fine” ….. Papa God has raised billions of kids and He has seen it all. There is nothing new under the sun.

He is confident in the process, a process that won’t bury us, but grow us. He created us in His very image and He has now written His law on our hearts. He knows that we will rise to the occasion, when the teacher called pain gets tough enough….. Or we get wise enough to learn from those that have gone before us.

Consider Adam & Eve, our true roots. They were given the earth and all that was in it, to steward it, to expand it, but they deceived and subsequently chose wrong, paying a great price. They handed their authority over to the very enemy that couldn’t take it so he plotted for it. We are STILL doing that today, as is our enemy. Humanity is being deceived, questioning God’s best, taking things into their own hands, and handing authority over to the very one plotting against them. And his agenda is to steal, kill, and destroy using the authority he is handed.

So, we still have the mandate to steward and expand our dominion, but under the influence of the enemy holding our authority, we are seeing a perversion of what we are wired for, we are seeing humanity wanting dominion over humanity. Men oppressing women, race oppressing race, generations oppressing generations, etc. But that was never the Father’s intent. That is the plan of the enemy; divide and turn them against each other. They will conquer and destroy each other FOR me.

Too many people, too many Christians, leave Jesus’ finished work of the cross to salvation only. A remedy for not going to hell. But in all actuality that is a fairytale mustered up by good meaning religious folks to scare the hell out of the world and get them to say a non-existent sinners prayer. Jesus didn’t come to this world, get rejected, beaten, humiliated, molested, and bled to death on a cross just so you could go to Heaven. He came to get back the authority that Adam & Eve gave away, an authority that was meant to be fully utilized on earth. He did this so that you and I could reclaim and restore the earth and all that is in it. He did this so that we could each manage our piece of Eden until all of our pieces expanded and overlapped, covering the earth in His glory.

But that requires hard work.

Well, church, there are no shortcuts, no easy outs. Jesus did the hardest part already, all He is asking for is that you don’t waste what He died for. Church, stop waiting for Him to do His part while you sit in your pew and wait for Him to save your soul from a corrupt world! I will let you in on a little insider info; There is no return of Jesus until there is an inheritance to actually come back for!

And this is what Papa God is showing me. He is fully confident that one day His kids are going to get it right. He is cheering us on, even in the midst of our mess. He is making provision as we travel down our paths. He has provided angelic assistance that we have available to co-labor with. Each generation actually gets a little closer to understanding the bigger plan of getting back to the way He originally designed us.  We are not waiting on Him, so much as He is waiting on us.

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