About Me….

Melissa is a retired executive that found life outside the box of corporate America. She is now an accomplished life coach, speaker, teacher, author, and provocateur of challenging the status quo .  She has coached 1000s of people, individually and corporately, challenging them to live a passionate and authentic life; holistically – body, soul, & spirit.

As a provocative out-of-the-box coach with insight into the human dynamic of integrated wholeness, Melissa has championed many leaders that are subsequently able to reach further into their own lives and claim their lion’s share of personal and professional achievement. Due to her passion and dedication to see people tap into their full potential, Melissa has a reputation as a leader’s leader.

“You may have walked into my space feeling like a victim, but you will leave feeling equipped to be the victor”

Embracing the core values of freedom, faith, integrity, courage, & wholeness, Melissa continually challenges herself to reach deeper and higher, pioneering new paths of freedom for those she leads. As native born Californian now living in Texas, she has coined the label ‘Texafornian‘. She enjoys life with her husband, 3 boys, and two high-maintenance English Bulldogs, that are her 4th & 5th children. In her free-time you will find her traveling, gardening, working-out, facilitating a transformation school, or perched on a beach chair enjoying the sun and sea.

A note from Melissa…….

“Before time began, God was busy dreaming. Before Earth was formed, God was busy dreaming. Every detail for centuries to come, God dreamt. His dreams were so big, so beautiful, so elaborate that they couldn’t be contained. He longed to stop dreaming about the amazing family He wanted and begin making His dreams a reality….and so He spoke. He declared his love and gave life to His dreams. You and I are a dream come true for the One and only God of eternity.

At 46 years old I finally came to the revelation that my circumstances, my life experiences, the school of hard knocks where I earned honors did not make me the overcomer I am today. I was created to be an overcomer in His dreams, before time began. He wove together the very fabric of my being with the strength of an overcomer. He chose me to be an expression of that very part of Him, I get to carry that expression of His DNA.

And, since I am an expression of that part of Him, I have been presented with numerous opportunities to grow and develop the overcomer trait, to prove I AM an overcomer. To show the world and the Heavens that I am very much a Daddy’s girl.”

That is an excerpt from my book ‘The Making of a Super Woman’. But it isn’t just my story, I believe it is the story of so many women because I meet them every day; wives, moms, daughters, sisters, friends from all walks of life in the process of walking out their journey. I have been fortunate enough to have my revelation moments as to why I was placed on this earth, to bring the freedom I walk in to others, to journey with them and assist in their own overcomer story. It is not my desire to be the lone super-woman walking this journey, saving the damsels in distress – oh no, I don’t see any of you as damsels in distress! Some of you just haven’t realized who you really are therefore it is my sole focus to help each woman discover their unique design and the power they already carry inside, and for us to all walk in a company of Super Women!