Religion or Relationship

This morning I was pondering some things about Abraham. And, Im pretty sure if there is any ounce of religion in you – this will stir it up.

If you stop over-spiritualizing Abraham, the father of nations, and take a real look at him, he was actually just an ordinary businessman living his life to the best he knew how. In his day there was no ‘bible’, no organized religion, no formula between him and God, etc. There were no commandments, laws, old testament, new testament, etc. The world around him had ‘their gods’, we call them pagan gods now, and he had his.

So, I got curious…… How did he happen to connect with God in a culture filled with numerous gods? How did he know the one true God and not just another god of his culture? I believe the key is that he literally just had an AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIP with God. He didn’t know how to go about ‘doing church’. He didn’t know he was supposed to wear his Sunday best once a week, or listen to a preacher share the word. He didn’t know you shouldn’t drink wine, you shouldn’t use foul language, you shouldn’t …..(you fill in the blank). He was just authentic without trying to be anything else.

I believe that is STILL what God is craving from us.

He had it in the garden with Adam & Eve. He had it with Abraham. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And He wants it now with us.

As some of you know, I had a vision a while back about this last epoch season; the Old Testament (the lion), the New Testament (the lamb), and the testament to come, which was symbolized by 3 horses charging forward…… 3, as in the 3rd season. Admittedly, I still don’t have the fullness of that meaning.

The Hebraic number 3 means ‘perfection of justice’, mercy and justice walking hand in hand, this represents seemingly opposites coming together to operate as a whole. It also means ‘to wean’, which implies coming into a season of maturity. We often reference the number 3 to the trinity, which we are a representation of; spirit, soul, body. What if this new season we are called to be weaned, to walk in a level of authentic maturity which requires an integrated wholeness of spirit, soul, and body? What if THIS is how Abraham and others actually walked in relationship with God? Not by works, but by a maturity in relationship that can only come when we are fully connected first with our own design, and then we can connect with the One who’s image we were created in.

So… a final thought….. I challenge you today to chew on this; to what degree have you replaced relationship with religion? In what way are you trying to fit into something you think you should be, rather than doing the hard work of actually figuring out who you are and being fully authentic? How can you expect to have a fully authentic relationship with God when you first can’t be fully authentic with yourself?

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