Stop The Bleeding

Tragedies, atrocities, and dehumanizing attacks

Tragedies. Atrocities. Dehumanizing attacks and the shedding of innocent blood. When will it ever stop? At what point will this country just bleed out and die?

Maybe that is what ‘they’ want, death to America, so they can recreate her into a frankenstein version of what she was.

I don’t understand how we got here. Why did we, the Church, allow this once great country to lose it’s way? How did we get so far off course? So far off mission? Aren’t we supposed to GO and disciple nations? We may have ‘westernized’ nations, but we certainly have not discipled them into kingdom inheritance nations.

We have been playing it safe

No, we have sat in our padded pews and ‘behaved’ ourselves, minding the masters of politics ,and staying out of their way like good little slaves. It is of no wonder that we haven’t walked into our promised land. We haven’t shaken off the slave clothes, how can we put on the royal and priestly garments? How can a slave ever have real influence, let alone rule? Yet, isn’t that our design to rule? Our destiny to have influence?

As a whole, we haven’t taken our places outside the safe walls of the church building. On a large scale we haven’t exercised our authority to be the community leaders we were designed to be. very few have expressed their gifts and talents that the world needs. We haven’t built the kingdom and rebuilt His temple, His family. Why? Because we have been too busy keeping our head low, minding our own business and building our own little pathetic lives, and living within the safety of our church bubble.

They are burning down the house with us in it

Meanwhile, ‘out there’, the world is destroying the very fabric of our society; our children. They want the children’s blood to be spilled. For those children that live, they will molded into their own image. They are gods in their own kingdom. And what are we doing about it? I refuse to be impressed by another prayer or church meeting until I see those same people getting their hands dirty and doing the world of their assignment in the world.

He is getting ready to shake everything that can be shaken. And we must be found on our knees – praying, repenting for what we have allowed to happen to this country – to this gift. We may not have had an abortion, killed another human being, been in a homosexual relationship, participated in human trafficking, consumed pornography, bought/sold/used drugs, etc. but if we haven’t committed our life to stopping some of that then we have committed the sin of omission at least. We have ‘allowed’ it to continue on our watch.

Humility and repentance is the key

This is the humbling we need to do. We need to accept the fact that this is OUR fault. WE have not stopped this. WE have been complacent in fighting the evil that has been tearing at our country. WE have used prayer as an excuse to not get our hands dirty in the real work of stopping evil. But you and I both know, while prayer is needed and necessary, that is not our only work to do. At some point we must DO ALL, and then STAND. And, very few of us have actually done much of anything, let alone ‘all’, and it is time to get real about it.

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