The Answers Without Questions

I am reading multiple books right now; Strengthen Yourself In The Lord, A Life Of Miracles, Undaunted, Run With The Horses, Your First Year In Network Marketing, & GoPro. While that may seem a bit overwhelming, what actually overwhelms me is His goodness and how each day’s reading, of very different books, weaves together to personally speak to me. Nothing is by chance, it is a beautiful display of a well charted plan in my life. I just get to be a participant in this great story.

I have been chewing on this week’s compilation of messages so far;

1- Strengthen Yourself In The Lord- recognize your season and steward yourself well, you     are the only one that has the key to the gate of your garden. (So what IS my garden?)

2- A life of Miracles- repentance isn’t about conviction, it is about changing your mindset, changing how you think about or see something. (What am I not seeing?)

3- Run With The Horses- you are clay in the Potter’s hand. He will never give up on His creation and throw it away, but He may start over numerous times as He finds impurities that have to be worked out. He will patiently stay at the wheel until He is finished, leaving His fingerprints on the final vessel. Each piece is a work of art and yet created with a purpose far greater than beauty. (What impurities in me is frustrating the Potter?)

4- GoPro- your dreams are possible, as long as you stay consistent and don’t give up. (Ohhhh…… So I begin to get my answers to the above questions- my garden)

5- Your First Year In Network Marketing- expect challenges, and equally expect to overcome them. (Ok, so keep going and press in towards the goal- my mindset)

6- Undaunted- Stop being passive. Stop having so many excuses, just Be the change, Be the answer to someone else’s pain. (You mean Im going to have to put ACTION to what is stirring in my heart?)

So, would you say that I’m learning a WHOLE lot about mindsets and what is truly possible in my life? I would say you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out, even Stevie Wonder could see it!

I wish I could share everything He is pouring into me right now, because I know it is good food for all of us, but it would be a book at this point. So the best I can do is to encourage you on your own journey. And let me leave you with this last thought:


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