The Hidden Principles of Stewardship

I have heard numerous lessons over my lifetime regarding stewardship, but I have never heard what the Lord revealed to me this past week. It al started with a dive into Proverbs 10:22. He has drawn me to that scripture over the past 1.5 years, ever since we moved to our new home that holds that number as it’s address. He lead us to this home as he was birthing the principle of stewardship in us. So, with that sad, there is personal skin in the game on this lesson. I will leave it at that.

Proverbs 10:22 says, “The blessing of the Lord makes rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.” As I dove into my concordance and meditated on that scripture the Lord began to speak to me. The first part of that scripture, the blessing of the Lord makes rich, can be seen both ways; the blessing (something given to you from God) of the Lord brings (it carries within itself) wealth (anything ‘good’) as well as wealth (anything ‘good’) is from the Lord. Did you catch that? What the Lord gives you carries within itself something greater than what is simply seen at face value. As well, that which brings you increase is from the Lord. And the last part of that scripture, and He adds no sorrow with it, refers to you not needing to work by the sweat of your brow – to strive – to cause it to increase. It is not YOUR work that causes it to increase, the Divine DNA within that blessing is what causes it to increase. You simply need to be a good steward of the blessing. 

He talked to me about the acorn. At face value it is not much to look at, you may simply think of it as squirrel food. But the acorn holds within itself the DNA for increase. How many future oak trees are held within the DNA of that acorn? When the Father blesses you it holds within it the DNA to bless you even further, to increase and multiply for generations to come. It doesn’t actually ‘require’ much from you. An acorn can fall to the ground, die and therefore spout; we see it in nature all of the time. But not every acorn gets to become a great oak tree. Why? Because it was not buried in good soil, given water and stewarded; therefore it can fall prey to animals as food, be trampled underfoot, etc. It may sprout but then not have the root system needed to self-sustain. There are a plethora of reason why an acorn may not have the opportunity to express the DNA in which it carries, but none-the-less it still carries that DNA.

This is where the parable of the talents comes in. The Master gave each of the 3 servants talents according to their ability to steward them. You see, He KNEW them, He knew what could be too much for them to do because of their own strengths and weaknesses. He wasn’t going to be foolish with His resources and give them more than their ability to steward the DNA inside the gift. Of course, coming from a prophetic bent I love all of the symbolism in scripture. The number 3 represents the resurrection, the Holy Spirit, post crucifixion followers; which refers to us, a lesson for the people of The Kingdom today. (*side note: I also believe there is a parallel with the scripture that refers to some receiving 30/60/100 fold blessing, and even one of them, deriving this from the current revelation I am sharing with you, receiving no blessing because of their willful ignorance.)

The 3rd servant, the one only given one talent – one acorn – buried the talent. He kept it from being able to express the very DNA inside of it. The servant stated that he knew the master reaped where he had not sown; that implies he knew that the master was one of increase, but he did not understand the concept of stewardship in which the Master operated that caused this increase. He knew ‘of’, he didn’t intimately know and understand. Because this servant had not taken the time or interest, because he was lazy in getting to know the master intimately, and learning his ways, when he was actually given the responsibility to steward this blessing he operated in fear and actually worked against the very thing that the mastered valued. The servant, at the very least, could have chosen to seek out wisdom from others that understood the principle of stewarding the blessing, but was too lazy to even do that.

This leads me to Hosea 4:6, Proverbs 5:23, and Job 36:12

My people. MY PEOPLE…… those that are followers, those that know the scripture; this is not talking about the world and those ignorant to His ways. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; BECAUSE you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God I also will forget your children.

He is speaking to having a lack of knowledge, not because they weren’t offered it, but because they rejected it, they rebelled against it, they chose to not put the effort in to learn.

Not only does God say he will reject you, like the master did to the lazy servant, but this will effect your future generations. In Proverbs 5:23 it refers to the destruction from a lack of discipline; actually this theme is repeated throughout Proverbs. In Job 36:12 it references the destruction of not listening, not learning and being obedient to what you learn.

So, while the Lord does not NEED you to strive to increase that which is His, it is the principle of stewardship and co-laboring with the Divine DNA that He is asking for. There is no coincidence that you are reading this now. This is a hidden nugget of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding he is offering you today. Remember, everything that is good is from God; and that which God gives holds this DNA to increase. He is asking you to seek wisdom to steward the way He has designed, and then apply the knowledge in your co-laboring with His blessing.

Are you ready for increase my friend?

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