The Trojan Horse That is Killing Us



What Christians need to realize is that Muslims, Atheists, Satanists and the various groups opposing Christianity ARE NOT the greatest threat to The Church. They are simply a diversion and a distraction from the REAL threat.

⁉️So, WHAT IS the greatest threat you ask⁉️

Im so glad you asked! It is the trojan horse that has snuck into Christianity.

The Trojan Horse refers to a people group that call themselves christian. They have actually presented themselves as an ‘enlightened’ people, a gift to the rest of the body of Christ; they have a form of godliness but without power (2 Tim 3). They are the tares that have been planted among the wheat. They have snuck in and lulled The Church to sleep with their serum of lies; the half-truths of Gods love. The lie that they were just bringing in ‘new revelation‘ of the Lord’s goodness, mercy, & love. What they didn’t say is that they were deconstructing His righteousness, His justice, and His holiness while exploiting grace, and justifying it by saying The Church had been ‘over-focused’ on those ‘less desirable’ qualities of God. They have abdicated the fear of the Lord; because “God is love – what’s to fear, and the Church has operated out of too much fear anyway!” They have preached that now we need to ‘balance out’ the years of pursuing righteousness, the years of the ‘fear of the Lord’, the years of holiness, but there really hasn’t been any balance in it at all. This lie has swung the pendulum, and we’ve been taken for a ride. And now, here we are, sobering up to a world we don’t recognize and barely remember what and where we were when we fell asleep.

Hey, I admit, I almost got sucked into this as well. I most definitely did not walk in love prior to this movement, and learning to love has been a much needed growth process for me. Love really is our greatest commandment, I think mostly because we don’t tend to walk in it by nature, and barely understand the fullness of what it really means. This is in no way a criticism of operating in love. Im thankful for it. However, I will now add that not being balanced between the two sides is what causes most of our problems as a church, and subsequently we have failed at influencing culture properly. We need to balance justice & mercy, righteousness & grace, Holiness & love, etc.

Another thing that needs to be said is that nowhere does scripture equate love with enabling or a free pass to sin; neither does it infer that addressing sin is not operating in love. Actually, quite the opposite. A father disciplines and corrects those He loves; and he tells them, “Go, and sin no more!” Yes, love is patient, kind, long suffering, etc. but it is also just & protective, holy & proactive, and involves righteous discipline.

Ever since the trojan horse message was introduced, and subsequently ‘accepted’ as truth, the enemy has been deconstructing Christianity from the inside out. They have been moving our sleeping bodies out of the cultural spaces of influence and boxing us into the religious space so they can chain the door shut and light the building on fire. The sleeping displacement has been going on for decades now. Don’t bring your christianity into education. Don’t bring your christianity into Hollywood & the arts. Don’t bring christianity into News & Media. Don’t bring your christianity into government. It is the removal of scripture and moral law one chapter at a time from all spheres, it is the relativism and humanism that has infiltrated our churches, it is the removing of tradition and redefining of our tenets. It is the war that we have turned a blind eye to, ignorantly believing it would stay in the small pockets of progressive religion and therefore never go mainstream. We wanted to believe this, so we chose to be willfully ignorant and justify rolling over and going back to sleep. Or those that have fought to ‘stay awake’ have often been caught up fighting the distractions and diversions that are kept in our face until they are exhausted.

It is time to see things for what they are; a gargantuan sized mess. And we, The Church, are fully to blame. WHY/HOW are we to blame? We listened and allowed the Trojan Horse to convince us, like Eve allowed the serpent to convince her. We’ve bitten on to the lies, she bit into an apple. We have buried ourselves into the politically correct spaces they wanted us to fit into and allowed the tail to wag the dog.

It is time to wake up & repent, and then to take our rightful places as King’s, as Warriors, as Worshippers in ALL 7 spheres of culture and to dislodge the powers, the rulers and the principalities that are empowering this Trojan Horse.


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