Times & Seasons 2019: How to walk into your promise

There are always SO many voices out there right now that are releasing what the Lord has shown them, and a few years back I had to tune them all out. I stopped following them on social media, and if someone sent me an email with their word I really have had to ask the Lord if this is something I need to read. You see, I was redirected to tune into what He wanted to say directly to me, and all of these other voices were making it more difficult to hear Him.

So, first of all, I admonish you to first ask if this is a word that you need to receive or pass by. No worries either way, Im not worried or offended whether everyone receives this. I am only wanting to be faithful in delivering.

We keep hearing vague words about transition, breakthrough, harvest, etc. and admittedly I’m as tired of those words as you are. And then, admittedly, I have had to stand corrected at my attitude. Let me say that I can equally see how the over-usage of these words could be a tactic of the enemy to bring discouragement and a loss of hope because the fruit of the words have not come to pass on their own. But, rather than this attitude, I feel we need to learn how to ‘contend’ for those words we receive. You see, those themes and lessons of overcoming, breakthrough, transition, etc. are throughout scripture, so they most definitely align with God’s character. But, just as His children in scripture needed to learn the lessons and practical application, so do we. This prophetic word has been unfolding for the past few months, and I believe will continue to unfold as we all hear and see in part. The question is whether or not we will partner and contend for it.

Times, Seasons, & Alignment

Earlier this year the importance of covenant relationships was impressed upon me. He was drawing my attention to discover who was “at your core”. These are the people He has actually assigned to be in your innermost circle, to be in covenant with. It does not simply include everyone you have close relationship or are good friends with, but those that you hold closest in your heart, in your innermost being. There may only be one or two, maybe 5 or 6, each person is different. You will have to go on your own journey of discovery to answer who that is if you don’t already know. These are the people that you need to grab a hold of and pull together in this season; everyone needs to get on the same page- get into alignment with the promise. They are key to the breakthrough and fulfillment to the promise you carry. This is both applicable to personal promise as well as corporate promise.  But it is imperative that this core group forms and comes into agreement, operating as one. If any one in covenant does not come into alignment the whole will miss the fulfillment of the season.

You will need to learn to operate ‘as one’. This is not about any single person being in charge and leading. But learning to lean into each other’s gifts and positions and each operating equally. Each person will lead in their design yet all leading in the same direction and in sync because Jesus is he head and all are pressing in to His leadership and direction. Corporately speaking it is equally imperative that the Church learn to operate in this way including the 5-fold ministry. Each body needs to operate with the Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist all working in sync. Each position operating in the fullness and freedom of their gift, as a part of a healthy whole; with Jesus as the head. This IS the gift to the Church and it WILL bring them into the fullness and overflow of this next season.

Do you feel like you have been around this mountain before? Are you repeating cycles? I saw many people repeating cycles, going around the mountain and never entering into their promise. The Lord spoke to me and said the reason why is because our mindset is wrong and we are missing His treasure. As we travel around the mountain, there is certainly a lesson to learn, but that is NOT why He is circling you back around this well-worn path, this cycle. He is bringing you back because there is a treasure you missed. This treasure is something you will need for the next season. It could be a revelation, a tool, provision, etc. But I saw something hidden under a bush, something that was hidden FOR you, but could be easily missed if you don’t look for it. We have been missing these treasures because we have been focused on the ‘lesson’, the ‘correction’, the trying to ‘get it right’, and not the gift. And that is why you keep missing the treasure.

Next, I was shown this clock with multiple hands spinning. Some hands were spinning very fast, some barely ticking along, some erratically going back and forth, and some even clicking back a few and then forward, etc. It was all over the place. It was impossible to ‘tell the time’ because the clock was not functioning properly. All the parts were doing their own thing and going at their own speeds and directions. They were not working in sync, the hands were people. I then saw layers of clocks overlaying each other as well, I believe this is the body, the Church as a whole. Then I saw circles inside each clock representing cycles. He is calling individuals, as well as His body to come into alignment with His seasons and times. First we must press in to that as an individual, then with our core, our church, and the Church body as a whole; this process brings us to the bride without spot or blemish.

The circles in the clocks were congruent with what He was showing me about cycling around mountains and the treasures that were left behind. These treasures are needed as part of the synchronization before moving into the next season- they are tools, provision, revelation, strategies, etc. that will be needed to come together as a whole.

He keeps speaking to me about aligning His people with His times and season, as well as the alignment with each other, and the personal and corporate process that needs to be applied. This is when the overflow will happen- it is a key that opens the door/breaks the dam. Its like a combo lock, each tine has to be in sync and properly placed so everything ‘clicks’ and unlocks.

I do feel an urgency right now to the word. If this resonates with you here are applicable steps:

1- Are you going around the same mountain and have not entered into your promise? Quickly press in and cycle back to the lost treasures. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to the treasures He has hidden for you; to direct your path, and you must turn to see what is there. This may involve deep dives into repentance, healing and deliverance, renewing mindsets, etc. Deal with anything that would have caused you to miss/overlook the treasure hidden for you.

2-identify your ‘core’, share this word and get everyone into sync. Go into a discovery of each person’s gifts, strengths, as well as identifying weaknesses so you can each cover in love and not set each other up for failure but success, then learn to operate in honor of each gift as a part of the whole.

This is a critical season of transition, crossing the threshold of the open door. Those that don’t transition into this season may forfeit the prophetic promises over their life/family line. In other words, this next season is one of harvest, if you don’t/can’t transition through this door then you will miss the harvest.

“There is a breaking before you can go through the door and become His gate.”


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