Do you feel like the wind has been taken out of your sails? Have you felt caught in the doldrums? This is a place that ancient mariners dreaded. A place where there was no wind for their sails. Their boat would just be floating, drifting, making no progress in any direction. Historically, the doldrums is a place where mariners could be stuck for days or even weeks, claiming the lives of those that were not prepared. And I believe many of us today seem to find ourselves there, metaphorically speaking.

But there is PURPOSE in the doldrums!  The place of the doldrums is actually where TWO trade-winds meet. Two has a few significant meanings, but today I want to focus on the Hebraic representation of ‘the tent’. A tent is a dwelling place, a place of rest, a safe place, a place of intimacy.

It is in this temporary place of stillness, this place of rest, that you will get the revelation of adjusting your sails in preparation for the new trade-wind to come along and change your direction. If you continue to keep your sails prepared for the last wind that carried you, then you could miss the new wind and get stuck waiting longer, waiting for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th wind or so on, until you make the adjustments, or just remain stuck, give-up and experience a death of sorts.

The key to the doldrum season is to GO IN PREPARED. You need to EXPECT these seasons of rest, refocus, and recalibration. Don’t be discouraged in them, but find the joy hidden for you in this time. Readjust your sails, prepare for the wind you do not yet see or feel. Because, soon, the wind will come along and send you in a new direction, if you are ready to catch it.

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