*Warning for Those in Leadership*

Yesterday I was at a prophetic conference that was incredibly powerful. So many things I have been talking to the Lord about, so many questions were answered yesterday. One of the things that came up was about this next season and what the Lord is going to be doing within the church…..not in the world around us, but WITHIN the church.

We so often, as christians, are distracted by the terrible things going on in the world that we are missing the hideous things that are going on right in our midst. As ‘The Church’ we must first remove the log-jam in our own eye before we can even think about helping the world remove their speck.

This word is a warning for those that are within the body, that are in a pastoral position; whether it be within the church, in the marketplace, or even within your own family. The Lord is going to be bringing correction to those in leadership and He is gathering those they have scattered, bringing them back into the fold and blessing them.

Ezekiel 34:1-19

This is a word/warning for today: Many pastors have gotten fat and lazy, only pursuing what benefits themselves. They actually use the flock for their own gain. Those in their flock that are weak, are wounded, under the oppression of disease, or have lost their way are not cared for; instead they have been harsh with them because of their own self-serving heart. These pastors desire the easy life, the lazy way, and the weak ones of the flock represent the work they are supposed to be doing. These pastors would rather just have a fat and happy flock so they can enjoy their flock’s wool and eat of their fatness.

But, because these pastors have not been doing their job, the weaker ones have been scattered, unprotected and left to the demonic oppressions of the world-and all that comes with that. Their wanderings are on you. Be warned, the Lord will count against you what has happened to these and remove the anointing for your call.

Therefore, the Lord Himself, will go after the ones you scattered, the ones you have mistreated, the ones you didn’t care for in their darkest days; he alone will be their rescuer, their hero – no credit will be given to you. He will draw them out from the world that you tossed them into and bless them. He will bless them for all to see, even in your midst so you will have to see the hand of the Lord on their life. He will be the bringer of their justice. He will make judgements between His flock and separate those that make life hard for the others. It wasn’t good enough for you to be given the blessing of the Lord, you had to ruin the blessing for others by your own self-serving ways. But, believe me, He will now bring justice on their behalf.

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