When a Leader Lets You Down

wolfSo, for a few years now, I have followed the teachings, as well as recommended her teachings to clients, of a well known leader in her field. Because of her amazing insights into human psychology I have learned to embrace the #GiftOfImperfection in myself and others, to #DareGreatly in areas of the passionate pursuits of my heart, to continue #RisingStrong every time I fall, and to #BraveTheWilderness of my unique life. But one of the things I have also learned is to #SpeakTruth to bullshit, as she so eloquently puts it.

But recently, as I found out, she never speaks bullshit like the rest of us. Apparently she is far superior to those of us that have a different opinion; and everything she says, does, and thinks is apparently Truth. Or so that is how her response would lead one to believe. I hope I have it all together like that some day.

This leader and I are regularly on opposite sides of the political aisle, but I have never allowed that to get in the way of my respect for her gift. I have never allowed it to cause me to reject her as a person or take her stance personally. I have appreciated who she is in spite of our glaring differences and have regularly chosen to just scroll past the many things I disagree with. However the other day this leader made a post that was proliferating a largely false narrative about the current immigration issue and child protection.

As you all know, my heart beats for family- the value for marriage and family runs deep in my veins, it is in my DNA, it is just how I was made. Children are our future, not just of our nation but globally. So how we take notice and care of the children around the globe will directly impact the future for everyone. Needless to say – I take this VERY seriously.

I too used to express my opinion and throw money at the issue of illegal immigration, and the heart-wrenching stories of families being torn apart.

But opinions are a dime a dozen, money is cheap, and the regurgitation of someone else’s opinion has no value at all. Those that easily lob these things into the arena of this fight are truly those spectators in the stands; those sitting in the ‘cheap seats’ as she calls them.

So, because I wasn’t putting any real skin into the game, I had a heart check and got called out a few months back on this issue. What did I really know first hand? Who had I spoken directly to that was living these stories? Sure, I listened to people I ‘trusted’, and supporting their cause surely seemed ‘right’, and why shouldn’t I be a cheerleader for their cause? One justification after another would roll through my mind…

ALL of this sounding perfectly reasonable….. BUT the fact was I wasn’t in the battle, I didn’t have the blood, sweat, or tears running down a dirty face- I had clean hands sitting in the arena seats, but purification of the heart comes by fire. And that caused me to question my own integrity- was I willing to live what I said and taught?

So I went to the border with a group of moms that had the same love of marriage and family; not just for this nation but for all nations. We specifically set the tone that this was not to be a political or religious statement or trip – just a heart for people, for family, and a desire to know the Truth.

And my eyes were opened to the Truth behind the false narratives that are promoted as truth. My eyes were opened to the gross amounts of money behind this; the trafficking. My eyes were opened to how the families were truly being destroyed, and it had nothing to do with being detained this side of the border.

Nothing could ever be the same for me after those firsthand experiences.

So, from the arena, I had suggested to this leader in the stands that she come down and get her own first hand unbiased experience of the situation. Sharing with her that what she was believing and saying was not the whole truth. That she should actually get into the arena and fight the good fight with us.

And you know what?

She called my opinion and suggestions ‘bullshit’.

Yep….. bullshit.

And then told her followers to not waste their emotional energy on responding to me but instead spend their energy by donating money to the cause she was supporting. Wow.

Yep- she was actually selling tickets in the cheap seats.

“Ignore the suggestion to get into the arena, don’t answer the questions of the one fighting the fight, and watch me discredit her with a personal attack. By the way, if you agree with her I may do the same to you. Instead help me throw money and lip-service at this cause so we can feel justified in not getting our hands dirty and doing the real work”

That is what her response said to me.

It was a shame. Yet it was vividly enlightening. Although I have lost all respect for her as a person, and she has now just lumped herself in the heap of other liberals that operate similarly, I can honor that her gift is without repentance and work to receive the wisdom she does carry. Hopefully I can then apply it in accordance to God’s heart and not lean into my own understanding. Hopefully I can appropriate her gift back into the Kingdom.

So, Im recognizing that she is human and has her own imperfections. Therefore Im choosing to Dare Greatly and speak Truth to this bullshit. While I momentarily had the wind taken out of my sails, Im choosing to Rise Strong and Brave the Wilderness of this highly charged political and religious environment we are all currently walking in.

And in all of that I may be bloodied, scarred, dirtied, sweaty and exhausted…… but at least I’m in the arena. I wont shrink back from the opinions in the cheap seats- because they are like the toothless lion. All they have is their roar. I am the one holding the weapons of my warfare.

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