Who are you? No, REALLY- WHO are you?

This is a common question; who are you? We have heard it since childhood. As we progress into adulthood we begin introducing ourself; Hi, my name is so-and-so. And then the next question becomes pervasive in our adult life; “What do you do?” So we progress from who are you to what do you do, and our minds begin to connect the two at a deep level. We then develop our identity, the WHO question, around what we do, the WHAT question. And all the time our true identity gets mangled or lost altogether.

You have heard me say this a million times, but I don’t think we really get it; you LIVE IN a body, you HAVE a soul, but YOU are a SPIRITUAL being.

It is pretty easy to address our spiritual address, our physical body. And, for the most part, we know what we are supposed to do to care for it. Just like your actual address, your home, you know you are supposed to clean it regularly, take out the trash, do repairs when needed, etc. Of course, we have all seen or heard of the exceptions to the rule,like the show ‘Hoarders’, and we know of people that don’t take care of their homes. The same is true for many in the area of taking care of our spiritual address. But the info is out there, readily available for those that are wise enough to choose to care for this address. It is another reason why, even though I am a nutrition therapist and personal trainer, this part of our health & wholeness isn’t super exciting to me. The info is out there, go get it. You don’t need me to hold your hand in the basics. With that said, I am getting VERY interested in gut-healing, not simply because of the physical gut environment, but the fact that it is considered our second brain and how that is impacting everything we are. But I digress, More on that later.

Then there is the soul. Many define this as the mind, will, and emotions. Even though there is much more to the soul than that, it is a great place to begin categorizing and simplifying. Our mind; the thoughts, knowledge, reasoning, understanding, and processes we systematically structure into our life based on our experiential journey. This is much more intriguing to me. And now they are beginning to see how the gut environment is actually altering the mind. (Again I digress! Sheesh, stay on track Melissa!)  The will; the control to do something or restrain impulses. We all have free-will, even as a slave (which is a mentality many experience regardless of external controls), we all have the free-will to do SOMETHING or RESTRAIN IMPULSES. To understand if you suffer from a slave mentality in some area of your life I walk clients through various scenarios, real or imagined, to discover where they believe they ‘can’t’ do something due to perceived controls, or where their impulses get the best of them. This is often connected to a lie they believe or wound, that they have built their reality around. And finally, our emotions; Our emotions are powerful tools that are often misused. I see people controlled by their emotions more often than not. Since the 60s we have heard “if it FEELS good, do it”. This has created a culture around being driven and lead by feelings. They believe if they FEEL it, it must be true. But that is the biggest lie many who are ruled by their emotions have swallowed. Plus, there is a stigma around being ruled by your emotions, so when I ask “are you ruled by your emotions” I will always get a hearty NO! However, a few exercises and bringing their mind and will into balance, they will soon realize their emotions rule them more than they thought.

Most of us live out of the soul realm. The soul is a combination of experience and logic. This is why we identify with WHO we are as our ‘name’ initially. Our experience is all familial in the beginning. We identify with the family and environment we are exposed to. Then as our sphere expands our identity expands experientially.

But the core of WHO we are, is spiritual. Spiritual is NOT in the mind. It is not an ‘experience’. It is not something to be reasoned. It is not tied to logic because it surpasses all that can be reasoned or defined by logic. It IS our identity.

Many in the church believe going to church is spiritual. That would be saying going to church is my identity. Really? That is sad. It would be much more accurate to realize that you may be feeling more connected as a spirit when you are at church. That is ok, and momentarily satisfying, but again it is a a little sad. Are you only feeling connected to WHO you are once or twice per week? Then we have people that believe the bible is their spiritual food. So they devour and memorize the scriptures. They can quote them and apply them 24/7, but they still feel like there is something more. Because there is. The scripture alone, in and of itself, is not spiritual food. When devoured, memorized and quoted it is soul food at best. Knowledge and understanding will be the fattest kids on the block. It is only the revelation received that make the words on a page come to life, living food is spiritual food for our spirit being. But even at that, scriptural revelation is only one food group. If you only consumed one food group your entire life, death and disease would be on your doorstep sooner than those with a well-balanced diet.

So, how do we connect with our true identity? We feed it a well-balanced diet, not a church diet, but a lifestyle diet. The more you can live from the spirit, living your everyday life with a hunger for experiential revelation of even the most simplest of things, the more you will actually develop your truest identity. If you are not familiar with this concept, it will take practice. Start with 5 minutes a day, no, not meditating or praying, not getting quiet and listening for the voice of a Higher power- we all know those practices. No, start with a simple task and ask what is spiritual about it, how are you connecting as a spirit being to that task? Is it washing dishes? How would a spiritual being, A HIGHER BEING, wash dishes? Is it the email you are about to send? Are you completing this task with excellence? With love and care? With joy? With compassion for those that maybe don’t have the dishes you have, or the position you are in? What about with patience? Can you see how we are typically not mindful of our spiritual being in the minute tasks of our day? Yet the majority of our lives are spent on small tasks, they consume the minutes of our hours. This is applicable to all of us, whether you are a housewife or a Fortune 500 CEO.

What I have found is that our spirits are typically emaciated and disabled, simply due to our lack of awareness and diversity of diet. If the very core of WHO we are is emaciated and disabled, how will that effect our soul? How will it effect our address? The answer is everything will be lacking, if only lacking in true fulfillment.

So, tell me, WHO are YOU?

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