Why Christians are persecuted in the new cultural-warfare.

We hear a lot about the tenets of the christian faith being persecuted within our country right now. I have heard every explanation imaginable about this, but one explanation seems to be brushed under the rug. What if the reason this is happening is that Christians are simply sleeping in the bed they have made? What if they have repeatedly broken so many spiritual laws and principles themselves that the inevitable is happening. No, God isn’t punishing them – He doesn’t have to. No, the enemy is not taking advantage of you; it is much closer to the old term ‘Karma sucks’ – you are reaping what you have been sowing. Let me explain.

We live in a religious culture that is so quick to measure and judge against others, but rarely if ever do they use that same measurement against themselves. That is called being a hypocrite. Those people are a challenge for me to be around. It is unfortunate that the most ‘judgey’ people in our culture tend to be the ones that believe they have a corner on morality, the evangelicals. Although I have never been embarrassed of my relationship and love for Jesus, I am often embarrassed by my brothers and sisters in Christ that carry around the label ‘christian’ like it is a badge of entitlement. As if now they are somehow better than another and have the right to measure and judge others.

You know what I would love to see, and what I believe would fix the current culture war? Christians being more concerned with managing their own life and family FIRST, and less concerned with pointing out flaws and trying to manage someone else’s life. They want to be on top of the 7 cultural mountains of society, but they can’t even manage their molehill of a personal life. They want to be leaders, yet they don’t have a grasp on their own discipline. These people often want to make themselves look good by comparing their ‘spiritual disciplines’ to those in the world. But that is certainly not scriptural and like being a chimpanzee that is judging a fish on how well it can climb a tree.

The bottom line should be; If you want to lead, if you want to disciple others, you better have a pretty good grasp on your own discipline – body, soul, & spirit, and your family’s lives – before thinking you are qualified to lead someone else’s. The problem here, if this were an adhered to policy within the church, is we would probably lose the majority of people currently in leadership; from Sunday school teachers and board members to youth leaders and senior pastors.

*According to recent statistics over 70% of men and approximately 30% of women in church, including leaders, watch pornography. *54% of church-goers consider themselves ‘regular drinkers’. *Approximately 30% of church-goers are, or have been, divorced. *And church-goers as a whole are the fattest population in the nation. OUCH! I could go on and on with dirty church statistics, but I don’t think I need to.

Can we all agree that the Bible has addressed the above issues fairly plainly in scripture? Yet we see the majority of the christian population involved in these issues. So I find it interesting that they want to focus on the current cultural issues of things like homosexuality which only effects approximately 3.4% of our nation as a whole and 1.5% of them are Christians. So, 30-70% of us are living a biblically hypocritical life and want to point fingers at the 1.5-3.4% that identify as LGBT. Just Wow.

Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture? Dare we wonder why Christians are hated and being persecuted in the current cultural-warfare? Can we please stop pointing fingers, gossiping about the politicians and Hollywood stars, and voicing our hypocritical opinions about current issues? Can we start fixing the current issues by cleaning up our own house before judging another’s? It is quite simple; if every one of us focused on fixing ourself, and then fixing our family, we would positively impact the rest of the world by being healthy, whole individuals making our way up the 7 cultural mountains.

How is that for a strategy to bring positive change to the world?


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