Why Your Conspiracies Hurt Our Country

The Worst Conspiracies

Admittedly, I have been intrigued by the propensity of so many people towards believing in conspiracy theories. If you begin to do some research on the various conspiracies out there your head will begin to swim. I don’t suggest diving into those waters alone; definitely have a partner nearby that can slam the laptop shut and snap you out of your stupor before the kool-aid effect begins to set in.

A fairly consistent methodology of supporting conspiracies is to reverse the scientific approach to things. Instead of beginning with a theory and testing it to come to a conclusion, a conspiracy will begin with a conclusion and test various theories until they find ones to fit their narrative. I have found conspiracy movements around technology, biology, geography, space, spirituality, etc. but the one that has me bothered at the moment, the one that I think it actually doing some damage to our goals, are the ones spawning in the Trump camp.

No, Im not talking about the Russian collusion and other liberal manufactured nonsense. Im talking about the Q-anon, Mark Taylor, Praying Medic, etc nonsense coming from within the Pro-Trump camp. The nonsense of trying to convince their followers that Trump has some sort of secret plan he is constantly working. As if Trump has a multi-leveled chess board and is making moves effecting every layer with purpose and precision, never missing a beat, while his opponents are continually playing into his greater plan.

Don’t discredit grace & grit

People…..He may be anointed for this position, but HE IS NOT GOD!

I am bothered by these conspiracy theories for two reasons. The first being it takes credit away from his inner fortitude, strength, & sheer grit, and it diminishes the grace that is actually on him. The grace he has for the position does not make him invincible, it is merely empowering him to survive in the lion’s den. The second issue is people tend to think Trump is some superhuman, anointed god, that has control over everything. This justifies them becoming lazy in doing their part and keeping him in office and helping him do his job.

You see, the more we believe that Trump has got everything under control the less we actually appreciate the fact that this man is under a 24/7 365 borage of attacks. He is having to duke it out just to keep his head above water, just to survive. Let’s be real here, there is no way you or I could withstand the pressure he has been faced with. Any normal person would be crushed under the weight of it- plain and simple. But this man wakes up everyday, gets dressed and ready to meet his responsibilities head on. The bell sounds, and he is back in the ring. This isn’t just 9 rounds, this is day after day for years. THAT is what the anointing and grace is all about, it is empowering him to survive.

Are you helping or hurting

This is real life people. Trump is not a superhero. He isn’t a master chess genius. He is just a man that is doing the best he can, with what he has been giving, and fighting for YOUR life.

What are you doing to fight for his?

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